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  • The 2016 Season Begins Monday August 1 at T.C. Martin Elementary School from 6:00 to 8:00!!!!!
2016 Football and Cheer Online Registration

Welcome to the 2016 Hughesville Hurricanes Season!

We will kick off the 2016 season with mandatory football conditioning camp Thursday July 28th and Friday July 29th from 6:00 – 8:00 p.m. at T.C. Martin Elementary School.    All football players should wear shorts, shirts, and cleats for conditioning camp.  Football players will be fitted and receive equipment on these days.   If you are unable to make football conditioning camp or will be on vacation the first week in August please email at michelle.guy@hotmail.com

 Cheerleaders will have mandatory conditioning camp on Tuesday July 26th and Thursday July 28th.  Cheerleaders should wear athletic shorts, shirt/tank top, hair pulled up in ponytail and no jewelry.  Please make sure you bring a drink.  All cheerleaders should meet on the basketball court behind the school.   If you are unable to make conditioning camp or will be on vacation the first week in August please email Coach Josie at josieforsythe@gmail.com.

There will be a registration table set up under the tent for anyone who has not completed paperwork. If you did not attend on-site registration please make sure you see Michelle or Holly.

If you are interested in assistant coaching football please contact Eric Cavalier at ecavalier3@yahoo.com . If you are interested in Head Coaching or Assistant Coaching Cheerleading please contact Joise Forsythe at josieforsythe@gmail.com

Head  Football Coach contact information is as follows.


Practice for the month of August will be Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.   Friday will be used as a makeup day.   Eric Cavalier, President, of the Hughesville Hurricanes will hold the official meet and greet on Thursday 6:30 pm all parents are required to attend.  



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Registration Fee: 

Flag Football  $100

Tackle Football $200

Cheerleading $175


Included in the cost of registration this season are  3 Raffle Tickets. You may keep these tickets or sell them for $10.00 each. The raffle tickets are for the chance to win:
*1st Place: $300.00 *2nd Place: $150.00 *3rd Place: $50.00

Tickets will be handed out the to all registered and paid participants in August (date TBD)  and drawing will be done at Pep-Rally!

Multiple child discount available for Tackle football and cheer. Discounts are 2nd child $25, 3rd child $50 and 4th child $100

If you are  a returning  player,  please login in and register with your login in and password information from last year.   If you are new to the Hurricanes Football & Cheerleading online registration  you will be asked to create a new  member account, complete parent information, complete player registration which includes   home address, contact information, medical emergency contact information, and  information about you and your child. At the end of your  online registration process you will be asked to enter payment information. You can pay by credit or debit card or you can choose to pay by cash or check at one of our equipment and uniform sizing dates. (TBD)   



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Cheerleading Conditioning Camp

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Farewell Message from Keith Sanderson

Message from Keith Sanderson

Today is a bittersweet day as this letter is to let you all know that after 7 wonderful years of being the President of your Hughesville Hurricanes I am stepping down as the president. I would like to thank everyone that made this possible but know there are too many to list.  So if you were a part of making the Hughesville Hurricanes what they are today I THANK YOU!  This was a longtime dream of mine to be able to start and run a successful youth program and I believe together we have accomplished this. I owe a special thanks to my loving wife Holly and my two wonderful kids Jared and Sierra for allowing me to follow my dream and the many sacrifices they made to allow me to do this. I also want to thank our long time Board Member and Vice President of Football, Scooty Getgen, who has also stepped down this year for his years of service on the board and his years of coaching.

I have been involved in coaching youth sports for the last 18 years in Charles County and have been allowed by parents to be able to call myself a coach to so many talented wonderful kids. I cannot convey how much of a pleasure it has been to coach and mentor these kids.  I have countless memories coaching your children and being part of this community. A smiling face when they accomplish a goal no matter how big or small or the happiness on Mom and Dad’s face watching their child achieve things after dedicating themselves to something they love.  I have enjoyed seeing the happiness of so many grandparents cheering for the next generation of their family.  Furthermore I have countless memories of volunteers and board members going above and beyond.  The immeasurable hours of help from individuals that didn’t have to take the extra time out of their busy lives to help transport a kid to and from practice, set up a concession stand, clean up after homecoming festivities, cleaning equipment, taking inventory, designing and printing home coming books or selling doughnuts and flowers to raise money to start this organization.  But by far the biggest part that has amazed me is the kind words and encouragement that we have gotten over the years as a new organization.  

To all my volunteer coaches I would like to THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for volunteering your time, your commitment to our athletes, and for helping make so many  memories these young athletes will have for the rest of their lives. At the end of the day as you have heard me say it is our job to teach these children the fundamentals of the sports we love and it is their job to go out and perform. We are not here to win championships  or cheer competitions we are here to guide and mold young women and men to be the best they can be and I can say our coaches have done this well!

To all the volunteers that helped along the way I would like to say thank you for the long hours you put in to make this organization run. The shopping trips to stock concessions, donating and creating  homecoming baskets for silent auctions, the pictures taken for the homecoming book, the long days at open registration, the lights being installed at our practice field, and  If I forget to mention any one thing or person I apologize but this would be an endless letter. As this day has gotten closer  I find myself not knowing what to say (which if you know me never happens) I find myself smiling just because of the joy it has brought to my heart to be able to be part of you and your families lives. No matter how big or small a part that may have been you have allowed me to be a mentor, coach, and friend to your children which I will always cherish.

In closing I would like to announce and WELCOME the new Board Members to the Hurricanes!  Please welcome your new President, Eric Cavalier, Vice President Mike Webber, Commissioner of Football, David Underwood, Concession Director, Eddie Greenhorn, and Director of Fundraising Marie Kitts Greenhorn.  Lastly, I want to thank Board members JD Kirby, Executive Board Member, Kelly Edelen, Director of Cheerleading, Josie Forysthe, Cheerleading Coordinator, Michel Pagel, Secretary, and Holly Sanderson Treasurer for your continued commitment to the Hurricane Board you all always go above and beyond and I have been grateful for your support these last 7 years. 

I leave  this organization a better man, husband, son, father and coach then they day I started coaching and running this organization and for that I would like to thank you all. I will leave you with these 3 words……FAMILY…..SCHOOL…….FOOTBALL/CHEER.…….Thank you again!!!


Keith Sanderson

by posted 05/03/2016
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